Majority of readers want to see Ipswich’s fake Christmas tree moved to Waterfront

The fake bauble tree on the Cornhill in Ipswich.

The fake bauble tree on the Cornhill in Ipswich. - Credit:

Its days of taking pride of place in the heart of the town centre may be over, but the future for Ipswich’s artificial Christmas tree still looks merry and bright.

The more traditional Christmas tree as it used to stand on the Cornhill in 2002.

The more traditional Christmas tree as it used to stand on the Cornhill in 2002.

This December the bauble sculpture will be bumped from the prime spot on the Cornhill to make way for a real tree.

But the electronic look-alike is here to stay, and Ipswich Borough Council has asked for help from members of the public to decide where its new home should be.

Readers have shared their views with the Star via email and through its website, and the majority have said they want to see the fake tree moved to the Waterfront.

Anne Smith said: “I think the white artificial Christmas tree would look great on the Waterfront, perhaps near the university area or somewhere it can be seen from both sides of the river.

“Alternatively perhaps in Sailmakers or the Buttermarket shopping centres providing the space could accommodate the height. It just lends itself to a modern space which I feel the Waterfront or one of our shopping centres offers.”

Shirley Ward added: “I have never disliked the white tree, but have always thought it would be better placed on the Waterfront. Look forward, hopefully, to seeing it down there for Xmas 2017!”

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Michael Mann agreed that the bauble tree would sit well outside the University of Suffolk on the Waterfront, adding: “The security on the front of the building is quite good.”

Julie French said: “Re[garding] the tree on Cornhill, I am very pleased that it will be replaced with a real tree this year, however the baubles would brighten up the Waterfront somewhat, more appropriate in an up and coming situation than the historic centre.”

Comments on the Ipswich Star website revealed similar views.

One said: “Waterfront would be perfect, it would fit in with the style of the area well.”

Another added: “The Waterfront as it would suit the moderness of all the new Waterfront buildings and would help with the ongoing improvement and upliftment of the Waterfront area.”

However, Gwell Wall said she would prefer to see the artificial tree either at Sailmakers bus station, near the Giles statue, at Cardinal Park or at Stoke Bridge once development work is finished.

It was also suggested that the bauble tree would be well placed at Ipswich Hospital. A reader wrote online: “How about giving it to the hospital and as it is appreciated more by children than us adults, perhaps it could be sited as near to the children’s wards as possible?”

The white bauble creation replaced the traditional tree on the Cornhill five years ago and attracted criticism from some residents and visitors. It even sparked one woman to launch a petition calling for the removal of the fake tree, dubbing it an “eyesore” that “ruins the spirit of Christmas in Ipswich”.

Business improvement district Ipswich Central last year agreed to supply a real tree for the high street until 2021.

A spokesman for Ipswich Borough Council said: “We are pleased that so many people have taken an interest in this and we will be looking at all the suggestions in due course.”

Where would you like to see the artificial Christmas tree go? Leave your comments below.

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