Man, 25, denies grabbing teenager’s bottom in Christchurch Park

Christchurch Park

Christchurch Park - Credit: Lucy Taylor

A teenager who was allegedly sexually assaulted as she walked through Christchurch Park in Ipswich managed to get away from her attacker after kneeing him in the groin, a court has heard.

The girl had entered the park through an entrance in Fonnereau Road on September 15 last year and was walking along a footpath when a man, who was sitting with four other males, called out to her, Ipswich Crown Court was told.

“He was talking to his friends and tapping them on the shoulder as if pointing her out,” said Nicola May, prosecuting.

The girl carried on walking and then heard the man say: ”If you crack a smile I’ll give you my number,” said Miss May.

The girl still didn’t say anything or offer him any encouragement and then allegedly heard him make a comment about her bottom.

As she made her way up a hill in the park she became aware of someone behind her and heard the same male as before allegedly say: “I’ve never had a virgin before. That’s something to tick off the list.”

He then allegedly told her: “There’s no point ignoring me. I’m going to follow you home anyway,” said Miss May.

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The girl carried on walking when suddenly the man allegedly grabbed the left cheek of her bottom.

The girl turned round and told him to leave her alone but the man had laughed “dismissively” at her, said Miss May.

The man then tried to grab her bottom again and the girl kneed him in the groin, causing him to bend over. He allegedly swore at her and told her she was “a bitch’ and that she was “too much trouble.”

The girl who was feeling “scared” quickly made her way home and after tearfully telling her mother what had allegedly happened the police were called.

Before the court is Mark Delancey, 25, of Broomhill Road, Ipswich who has denied sexual assault.

Delancey was arrested on October 3 and during a police interview he admitted hanging round the park with his friends but denied being the person who sexually assaulted the teenager.

The trial continues.