Man accused of raping woman after they left party at Whitton United Football Club is cleared

Ipswich Crown Court. Picture: GREGG BROWN

Ipswich Crown Court. Picture: GREGG BROWN - Credit: Gregg Brown

An Ipswich man accused of raping a woman after leaving a party with her has been unanimously found not guilty by a jury.

The woman was allegedly assaulted by Luke Chaplin after they left a party at Whitton United Football Club’s clubhouse, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Andrew Thompson, prosecuting, said most people present at the party had consumed a lot of alcohol.

He said the alleged victim left the party with Chaplin in the early hours of the morning so he could show her where a woman she wanted to sort out an issue with was and to make sure things did not get out of hand.

Chaplin, 20, of Byron Road, Ipswich denied raping the woman in May last year and assault by penetration and was cleared by a jury after a five-day trial.

The court heard that although he denied having any contact with the alleged victim on the night in question, Chaplin’s DNA was found on her underwear and her DNA was found on his penis.

Chaplin, who chose not to give evidence during the trial, told police he had been drinking from lunchtime the previous day and did not remember a great deal about what happened that night.

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