Man admits racist slur

IPSWICH: A man who admitted calling his son’s former partner a golliwog in a “moment of stupidity” is today �200 out of pocket.

Anthony Hearn, 50, of Kerry Avenue, made the comment to Davina Lane in a shop in Ipswich on February 2.

Hearn appeared at South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court yesterday and pleaded guilty to racial harassment.

Tessa James, prosecuting, said that Hearn had taken a dislike to 34-year-old Miss Lane because he felt she was too old to be dating his 18-year-old son.

Ms James said: “Miss Lane was standing in a queue in a shop when the defendant entered and without warning called her a black golliwog.

“He also told the shop assistant not to serve her. Miss Lane could not believe what she was hearing.

“He admits calling her this name and stated it was because she looked like a golliwog. But he denies being racist as some of his family are black.”

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Hearn said: “It was 15 seconds of stupidity - a moment of madness.

“I have nothing against the woman but I was just concerned as a father that the age group between her and my son was too much.

“I just want to get back on with my life. This has caused a lot of embarrassment as I have many friends from ethnic communities.”

Hearn was fined �100, ordered to pay costs of �85 and a victim surcharge of �15.