Man admits throwing vodka at partner

AN Ipswich father who threw vodka over his partner said she injured herself to get him out of their house.

AN Ipswich father who threw vodka over his partner said she injured herself to get him out of their house.

Andrew Brooks rowed with Barbara Marks while their four children slept upstairs in their Marigold Avenue home, South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court heard.

Brooks was angry that his partner of more than 11 years had been at Quilt Nightclub until late and she had begun to pour a bottle of vodka down the sink during the argument.

Gareth Davies, prosecuting said Brooks, 35, “grabbed the bottle and threw some vodka over her”. He added that Brooks then “punched her in the face”.

John Hughes, mitigating said although his client admitted throwing alcohol and therefore accepted common assault against Ms Marks on March 18 he denied causing the injury to her eye.

He said: “Eight weeks ago my client finds out his partner has been having an affair. He has made it clear he is not moving out because he needs accommodation and so has she.”

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He said both parties wanted to “parent the children”.

Mr Hughes added: “He accepts he threw the vodka over her but then she said, 'I will make sure you get out' and with that she punched herself in the face and ripped her clothes off and he walked out of the house.”

When the police arrived they confirmed that Ms Marks had a reddened eye.

Mr Davies said there was a history of violence between the couple and Brooks had a record for battery after slapping her face and kneeing her in the groin in 2004.

He added that the police had been called to their address on numerous occasions. Mr Hughes said one of those occasions was when Ms Marks tried to strangle Brooks.

District Judge David Cooper sentenced Brooks to 12 weeks in prison but suspended the term for a year.

Brooks was also told he would have to leave the council house in Marigold Avenue because part of his sentence was not to go there, or contact Ms Marks for 12 months.

Judge Cooper warned Brooks that any breach would trigger the 12-week term in jail.

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