Man attacked his mum in alcohol-fuelled blackout

IPSWICH: A young man is today facing prison after he admitted viciously banging his mother’s head against the floor.

Kyle Kidd-Stanton, of Kingston Road, Ipswich, pleaded guilty to assault and criminal damage and admitted breaching a suspended sentence at South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

After three months battling alcohol problems, Kidd-Stanton met his mother on the evening of March 27 and went to a pub.

The pair later went back to her home where they argued before the 23-year-old carried out the 45-minute attack.

Prosecutor Andrea Reynolds said the defendant had grabbed and hit his mother’s head against the floor several times.

She was thrown against kitchen units and was prevented from using the phone to alert police. She tried to get out of the house but Kidd-Stanton blocked her way.

He threw her on to the sofa and held his hands around her neck before punching her in the face. As she broke free and ran upstairs he followed, punching a hole in the bedroom door before throwing her off the bed across the room.

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The victim suffered cuts and severe bruising to her arms, left leg, grazes on her head, a bump between her eyebrows, a swollen lip and tenderness to her neck and chest as well as a throbbing headache.

Ms Reynolds said the incident had left the victim “extremely shaken up”.

Dino Barricella, mitigating, said on the night in question it was the victim who had suggested going to the pub and had bought the defendant drinks throughout the evening. After an argument Kidd-Stanton snapped.

“On the spur of the moment he acts as he does,” Mr Barricella said. “He has a total blackout and can’t remember what happens at all.

“He did not go to the address to cause trouble. The foolish mix of his prescribed medication and alcohol caused the blackout.”

When the details of the attack were read to him, Kidd-Stanton had “winced”, Mr Barricella said.

“He is sorry for the way he acted, he has no recollection and is totally remorseful for his actions,” he added.

Chairman of the bench Alan Fletcher said he and his colleagues did not have sufficient power to sentence Kidd-Stanton, instead committing him to the crown court at a date to be decided.

Mr Fletcher described the incident as a “sustained attack against a vulnerable victim”.

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