Man fined for cycle rage attack

A CYCLIST is today £300 worse off after he was ordered to pay compensation because of his cycle rage.

A CYCLIST is today £300 worse off after he was ordered to pay compensation because of his “cycle rage”.

Saul Dunning, of Cavendish Gardens, Trimley St Martin, admitted causing damage to a car when he appeared at South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court after he threw his bike down in anger.

It was revealed that Dunning, 43, was concerned that the car passing him on the road came too close to him.

Prosecuting, Lesla Small told the court that on September 28, Mr Dunning was on his bike when the car drove passed. It stopped a few minutes later and when the owner returned to his car, Dunning's bike was leaning against it.

Ms Small said: “He [Dunning] was shouting 'you nearly ran me over. You could have killed me'.

“The driver could smell intoxicating liquor on his breath.”

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It was then heard that Dunning threw his bike down, which hit the front nearside wing of the car, causing a dent to the passenger door.

The police were called and he was arrested. Dunning told police that he had been drinking that afternoon and was angry about the incident.

District judge David Cooper said: “This is cyclist rage.

“I thought cyclists were supposed to be gentle, peacekeeping people.”

Dunning, mitigating for himself, replied: “I am usually. It was very out of character. It was the second car that had done that to me in five minutes so I was angry but that is no excuse.

“I am happy to pay the compensation.”

He was given a conditional discharge for a year, ordered to pay £65 in costs and compensation to the car owner of £300.

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