Man guilty of dangerous driving after dispute with cyclist in Bucklesham Road, Ipswich

The incident happened in Bucklesham Road, Ipswich

The incident happened in Bucklesham Road, Ipswich

A pick-up truck driver who braked sharply in front of a cyclist, allegedly causing him to fly over the handlebars and up on the flatbed of the vehicle, has been found guilty of dangerous driving.

Shortly before the collision in Bucklesham Road, Ipswich, cyclist Michael Pugh had pulled up alongside Gary Norman’s Nissan Navara in Felixstowe Road and remonstrated with him for using his mobile phone while driving.

The two men had exchanged words and sworn at each other and Mr Pugh had cycled off along Bucklesham Road.

He claimed that shortly afterwards Norman had overtaken him and then braked sharply, causing him to fly over the handlebars and crash chest first through the back panel of the Nissan Navara into the back of the truck.

After climbing out of the vehicle Mr Pugh walked up to Norman as he was getting out of the driver’s door and punched him.

Mr Pugh was walking away with his bike when he allegedly saw Norman coming towards him brandishing a crowbar and shouting: “I’m going to have you.”

Mr Pugh, a former Copleston High School pupil, had run away and was later taken to Ipswich Hospital suffering from pain to his chest.

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His £1,700 bike was a write off as a result of the alleged incident and a cycle computer attached to the handlebars was also broken.

Norman, 45, of Balliol Close, Woodbridge, denied dangerous driving on Decemer 30, assaulting Mr Pugh by beating and having a crowbar as an offensive weapon.

He was found guilty of dangerous driving but cleared of the other two charges. Sentence was adjourned until later this month for a pre- sentence report and Norman was given an interim driving ban.

Giving evidence, Norman denied using his mobile phone while driving and claimed he had been forced to brake sharply after overtaking Mr Pugh because another cyclist had slipped off the kerb just in front of him.

He admitted picking up a piece of wood and brandishing it at Mr Pugh after Mr Pugh punched him but denied arming himself with a crowbar.