Man is detained after fire

IPSWICH: A man is today receiving treatment at St Clement’s Hospital in Ipswich after a flat fire led to residents having to leave their homes.

Police, firefighters and paramedics were sent to a block of flats in Alderman Road in Ipswich at 9.45am yesterday.

A spokeswoman for police said that early reports indicated a flat and a number of rubbish bins were alight.

Two fire crews from Princes Street were sent to the scene and put the blazes out.

A ground floor flat in the building was believed to be occupied at the time of the incident.

Paramedics later treated a man for smoke inhalation. The casualty was understood to be aged in his 40s.

No-one else is believed to have been hurt during the incident, although the block of flats had to be evacuated.

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A neighbour said that he woke up to find a man damaging his car and attempting to set fire to the building.

The neighbour said: “Someone woke me up to say he was smashing my car. I don’t know if he knew what he was doing.

“My car and all of this mess can be repaired. It’s for his own good that he was taken away.”

Police originally detained a man on suspicion of arson, before he was taken to St Clement’s.

A spokeswoman for Suffolk police confirmed last night that the man had been detained at St Clement’s Hospital.