Man jailed after samurai sword attack

A YOUNG Iraqi living in Ipswich was put behind bars today after trying to attack someone with a samurai sword.Asso Omar, 21, of Grimwade Street, Ipswich, was found guilty of affray and possessing an offensive weapon by a jury on February 14.

A POLICEWOMAN who bravely tackled a samurai sword-wielding man after a chase through an Ipswich street was praised by a judge today.

Pc Charlotte Bowen apprehended dangerous Asso Omar as he attempted to run after a man he had argued with.

Omar, 21, of Grimwade Street, Ipswich, was today beginning a jail term after being sentenced to 12 months imprisonment at Ipswich Crown Court.

When he is released he faces being deported.

He was handed his sentence after being found guilty of affray and possessing an offensive weapon by a jury on February 14.

The court heard how Omar, who has been living in the country since 2002, and a group of four or five men started a fight with two other men in Stoke Street on April 8 last year.

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As the row escalated, Omar, who was concerned he was losing the argument, went into a nearby house of a friend and grabbed a samurai sword. He then jumped out of the window and went to attack one of the men.

Though the victim managed to run off, Omar gave chase but was apprehended by Pc Bowen, who eventually managed to arrest him after a pursuit.

Judge John Holt told him during Thursday's hearing: “Thanks to the fitness and bravery of Pc Bowen you were apprehended. That officer should be commended. I am quite sure if you had caught him you would have caused him serious injury.”

The court heard how in June 2003 Omar received a caution after he became aggressive when he was evicted from a nightclub.

Judge Holt continued: “The reason for your behaviour would appear to be a combination of drinking to excess and a tendency to violence especially after drink.

“You did not learn from that experience (in 2003) and that is why you now appear before me for sentence for these two serious offences. They are so serious that you must go to prison.”

Omar will serve half his sentence with the remaining six months suspended. The decision on his deportation will be made during that time.

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