Man made threats after losing his job

IPSWICH: A man who threatened to kill staff at Ipswich Borough Council after losing his job there is today starting a community order.

David Bull, from Norwich, lost his job as a maintenance worker with the organisation in February last year.

Bull, 62, became bitter and depressed by what had happened and earlier this year made a string of threatening phone calls to council staff.

Appearing at South East Suffolk Magistrates Court yesterday Bull pleaded guilty to four charges of sending an offensive message.

Stephen Colman, prosecuting, said: “The calls were made from the defendant’s landline and on one occasion he made 37 calls to the council’s emergency service centre in one day.

“The calls would usually have the same pattern. He would phone staff, swear at them, and then say ‘I’m going to kill you’.

“He was identified and the police were called. In interview he told officers he was depressed and had been drinking daily.”

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The court heard that Bull had worked for the council for four years in a temporary role which he had secured through an employment agency.

Bull, a former carpenter, carried out maintenance work on houses. But in February 2009 he was made redundant and only given three days notice.

Mark Holt, for Bull, said: “He loved the job even though it involved commuting from Norwich to Ipswich.

“After losing it he stewed on the situation and became bitter. He also has a history of depression.

“He felt let down and that’s what pushed him over the edge.”

District Judge David Cooper told Bull: “I find your story a very sad one - you lost your job and couldn’t cope.

“I get the impression you wouldn’t hurt a fly but this was an incredibly stupid thing to do.”

Bull was given a community order for six months including regular supervision.

He was also given a restraining order preventing him from contacting staff at Ipswich Borough Council.