Man responsible for glass attack in Rose Lane, Ipswich fails to turn up at court

Incident in Rose Lane, Ipswich

Incident in Rose Lane, Ipswich

A 32-year-old who smashed a glass mug into a man’s head leaving him seriously injured is being hunted after failing to turn up for his sentencing.

Ipswich Crown Court issued an arrest warrant for Jonathan O’Connor, of Stowupland Street, Stowmarket, who had previously admitted causing grievous bodily harm to Jake Crawford.

The attack happened in Ipswich town centre at around 3.15pm on June 13 last year.

After Mr Crawford fell to the floor bleeding heavily he was punched and kicked, before O’Connor poured a drink over him and walked away with his female accomplice.

Mr Crawford was left laying in the middle of Rose Lane, near the junction with St Peter’s Street.

Afterwards it was reported that he was bleeding heavily and was subsequently treated in hospital for a bleed on the brain.

Mr Crawford had been walking along Cutler Street towards the town centre from Cardinal Park.

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O’Connor and the woman he was with had been walking from Silent Street when all three crossed paths at Cutler Street.

An altercation took place and initial reports suggested there was shouting and punches thrown. Mr Crawford was said to have backed away and went into Rose Lane, but the altercation continued. O’Connor punched Mr Crawford to the face, pushing him, before picking up a glass mug by the handle and hitting him on the side of the head, smashing the mug.

Mr Crawford fell to the ground where he was kicked and punched to the head, body and legs.

O’Connor, who had been drinking, then poured drink over him.

He and the woman, Tanya Zarkos, formerly of Stowmarket but now of Lanecroft, Woolpit, walked off along Cutler Street.

Zarkos, 24, did appear for her sentencing at Ipswich Crown Court after previously admitting actual bodily harm. She was given a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for 24 months.

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