Man talks of armed robbery ordeal

WELCOME to Ipswich.One week after arriving in the town he had spent years hoping to visit, a pub manager is today recovering after being held at gunpoint in a terrifying robbery.

WELCOME to Ipswich.

One week after arriving in the town he had spent years hoping to visit, a pub manager is today recovering after being held at gunpoint in a terrifying robbery.

Patrick Hosey arrived in Ipswich last week to temporarily take over running the Man On The Moon pub in Palmcroft Road and had barely settled in to his new role before a masked raider with a gun demanded he hand over the contents of the pub safe.

Born in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, Mr Hosey has been a dedicated fan of The Blues since he was coached in football by former Tractor Boy Pat Sharkey, who played for Ipswich in the mid 1970's, and had dreamed of coming to the town where his hero once played.

Mr Hosey, 35, had taken the bins outside the pub at 7am yesterday morning when his ordeal began.

"On the way back inside I turned around and there was someone behind me," he said.

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"He was standing with a crash helmet on. It shocked me at the start but we do have deliveries in the morning, but not from someone in a crash helmet.

"He had a gun in his hand, not pointed at me but in his hand. He said 'give me the money out of the safe'."

Mr Hosey then had to lead the robber though the pub and into an office where the locked safe is kept.

"I didn't feel too intimidated at first, it was later on when the police arrived that it sunk in and I realised how serious it could have been," he said.

"I handed the money over, I wasn't going to struggle with him."

Mr Hosey said the robber then demanded he hand over a set of keys, took the phone out of the office and locked him inside. Mr Hosey didn't know whether the man then left the pub or whether he was still inside, searching through the upstairs quarters or trying to get into the tills.

Too frightened to start the loud security alarms in case the armed man came back, Mr Hosey was forced to wait for help.

When a cleaner arrived at 8am, he was finally released from the office and the police were called.

"When the police arrived the shock of it hit me, that a lot had happened. There was no struggle, he didn't threaten me, but he did have a gun."

Mr Hosey now says he doesn't want to stay in Ipswich after his ordeal, even though he had wanted to visit the town since he was a child.

After three years living in Norwich, home to Ipswich's arch rivals The Canaries, Mr Hosey's arrival in town has now been marred by his ordeal.

After retiring from football Mr Sharkey went into coaching and Mr Hosey was hooked on Ipswich as soon as the pair met.

"He taught me to play football at school, I have followed the team ever since, the boys at home laugh at me, I was the only one in the whole town wearing an Ipswich shirt.

"I was really excited to come to Ipswich. I won't say this has put me off but it has opened my eyes a bit."

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