Man to sue council over child abuse claim

AN Ipswich man is suing Suffolk County Council for up to �100,000 amid claims he was not protected from sexual, physical and mental abuse as a child.

AN Ipswich man is suing Suffolk County Council for up to �100,000 amid claims he was not protected from sexual, physical and mental abuse as a child.

The 50-year-old's case is due to be heard in the High Court in London next Monday.

The man is claiming damages against for personal injuries and consequential losses suffered due to negligence and/or breach of duty.

He alleges SCC failed to keep and/or take him into care between 1960s and 1970s. He is also making a claim against Hertfordshire County Council following alleged sexual abuse while he was at an approved school in the 1970s.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said he was put in foster care at the age of four because his mother and father were not fit parents.

However, he alleges that despite social workers' objections on at least three occasions, he was put in a situation where he was raped and sexually abused. The man also claims he was beaten, mentally abused and forced into crime.

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Speaking of the legacy he said was left by his childhood, the man said: “It has never left me. It's called pure hell. There's no one you can talk to or turn to. I suffered physical abuse and sexual abuse. I was forced into crime. I believe social services knew what was going on and did nothing about it.”

The man said he was put away for three-and-a-half years after trying to steal sweets because he was so hungry.

“I have had no childhood. I have been through remand homes, approved schools and children's homes. I was accused of being totally out of control.”

At one stage he claims he was put in prison for up to two weeks as there was nothing else which could be done.

“At 15 I was in Norwich prison because social services said they had nowhere to put me. It was frightening. You have just about every nasty piece of work around you - rapists and perverts.”

During a spell in a Hertfordshire school the man claims he was also sexually abused by one of the teachers.

Although he eventually managed to stabilise his life with the help of others, the claimant - who no longer lives in Ipswich, said his outlook has been irrevocably changed due to the experiences of his formative years.

He said: “Now, if I see anyone come up to me and they are happy-go-lucky I can't relate to it. I find it hard to accept criticism because I have had so much of it all my life.”

SCC said it was unable to comment on the case due to the ongoing legal proceedings.

David White, deputy head of legal services for SCC, said: “Owing to the imminence of the court hearing it would be in appropriate for us to add anything at this stage.”

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