Man who went on wrecking spree at Ipswich bar caused £9,000 damage

South East Magistrates' Court on Elm Street.

South East Magistrates' Court on Elm Street. - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

A man who smashed up an Ipswich nightspot causing damage valued at £9,000 has been sent to crown court for sentencing.

Gary Wing, of Newnham Court, Ipswich, had denied criminal damage at The Music Room in Duke Street, but was convicted after a trial at South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court.

The 22-year-old committed the offence on Sunday, November 20.

Wing damaged four beer pumps, a speaker, a pool table light, a Uniwell till and screen and a large wall mirror. The bill for repairs came to £9,005.

Wing and a friend were said to have gone into The Music Room. After Wing’s friend ordered drinks there was a dispute about how they were going to be paid for.

Wing then paid for the first round.

However, the person who ordered the drinks returned to the bar for a second time to ask for another round.

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The barman told him he knew he did not have any money and refused to serve him.

Wing is then said to have got involved in the dispute and told the barman he would pay in the morning.

At some point Wing threw the money over the bar and onto the floor.

The barman picked it up and gave the money back, telling Wing to leave and they would sort things out in the morning.

Wing was alleged to have grabbed the barman and pulled him forward. He was told to calm down.

Wing then grabbed the screen of the till and yanked it out of the electrical socket before throwing it across the room.

He proceeded to walk over to one of the pool tables before going back to the bar and swinging one of the beer pumps around.

After a total of four beer pumps were damaged the barman went to turn off the beer supply.

When he returned to the bar Wing had left. It is understood other people had managed to get him out of the premises.

Following Wing’s conviction he was remanded in custody and his case was sent to Ipswich Crown Court for sentencing at a later date.