Manager of Isaacs on the Quay says toilet facilities are not sexist

Sign for the toilets in Isaacs on the Quay in Ipswich.

Sign for the toilets in Isaacs on the Quay in Ipswich. - Credit: Archant

An Ipswich bar has defended a toilet sign that suggests women think about shopping and men football as “light-hearted humour”.

The sign in Isaacs on the Quay has had a mixed response on social media, with most reflecting the general manager’s view.

However, concerns have also been raised that the waterfront bar and restaurant has provided TV screens in the toilets for men and not for women.

General manager Nathaniel Coughlan said the sign was put in place to catch people’s attention because the toilets had recently swapped places during a refurbishment.

“Certainly some people will take offence to it and we take that on board,” he added.

“If we felt for one minute that we were making a sexist statement we would never had put it up. However, it is very light-hearted and it is not picking on one particular gender. I would say that it is a little bit of humour.”

Mr Coughlan said the decision to put TV screens in the men’s facilities and not the women’s was “purely based on space”.

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“I appreciate that our female customers do not have TVs in their loos and maybe we could look at what we could offer them instead,” he added.