Market move to Queen Street backed by shoppers and Ipswich residents

Market reactions

Market reactions - Credit: Archant

Proposals to move Ipswich market to the Princes Street/Queen Street area have received clear backing from most people as the debate starts on where its new temporary home should be.

An online poll on our website attracted more votes than expected after going up – and showed that nearly three quarters of people taking part backed moving the market to the Queen Street area – where the county and borough council have installed services for stallholders to use.

When we spoke to shoppers on the market there was a similar story – people were concerned about proposals to put more stalls along Tavern Street and Westgate Street because they could leave the street feeling cramped, especially on Saturdays and during busy times of the year like the run-up to Christmas.

Most market traders, though, are keen to set up stalls along Tavern Street and Westgate Street, fearing if they move people will not be able to find them.

Hollie Scott, from Ranelagh Road, said: “I would prefer the market to go down Princes Street and Queen Street, there is more room for it there. I think that is the best place for it.”

Market reactions

Market reactions - Credit: Archant

Jason Bouyer and Megan Shaw had stopped to buy a phone case on the market on the way to work from the Whitehouse area. He said: “It would be best down there (Princes Street). There isn’t enough room in the main road – it would be very cramped.

“We use the market sometimes, just bought a phone case.”

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Conroy and Sippy Marais from Ravenswood were worried about the town feeling crowded: “The market is very important for the town. We use it quite a bit, especially the fruit and vegetable stalls. It would be best to go down to Princes Street and Queen Street. When there are specialist markets there they work well.

“You have to have a bit of space – if you put it along this road (Tavern St/Westgate St) there wouldn’t be room for most of the stalls.”

Market reactions

Market reactions - Credit: Archant

Russell and Sheila Marsh who live near the cemetery felt the market should go along Tavern Street and Westgate Street. They come in by bus and feel that Queen Street is too far to walk: “It’s a bit of a hill back from there. You don’t notice it when you’re young and fit – but it’s difficult for people with breathing problems.”

But Yvonne Talbot from Black Horse Lane said: “There are already stalls in Princes Street, let it carry on down there,”

Borough leader prepared for mixed reaction:

Ipswich council are discussing where to relocate Ipswich Market after changes to Cornhill. Shoppers

Ipswich council are discussing where to relocate Ipswich Market after changes to Cornhill. Shoppers enjoying the market. Picture: GREGG BROWN - Credit: Gregg Brown

Ipswich Borough Council leader David Ellesmere accepts it will be impossible to satisfy everyone as the borough prepares to make a decision on what should happen to the town’s market while the Cornhill is being rebuilt.

He said: “This is a difficult decision. The majority of the market traders want to stay in the main Tavern Street area because they see that is where all their customers are.

“But we know there are concerns about the space available there. We are looking at all the options and preparing some drawings. I hope they will help to ease some of the fears.

“We know we are never going to satisfy everyone with this – but we are trying to talk to as many people as possible before making a final decision.”

Mr Ellesmere said that while services had been installed in Queen Street for market traders, this did not mean that they had to be for the weekly market. They could be used by occasional specialist markets.