Watch the adorable rabbits in desperate need of a new home

Could you give these rabbits a new home?

Could you give these rabbits a new home? - Credit: Archant

The RSPCA in Ipswich have become inundated with rabbits - could you give them a new home?

The RSPCA Martlesham branch is appealing for more people to come forward to adopt rabbits as they have reached full capacity.

The animal centre is currently unable to take in any other bunnies due to their adoption and isolation pens being completely full.

They have 24 Rabbits in their care including 16 babies.

Tom Patrick, who looks after the rabbits at the RSPCA, said:

“We have just become inundated with them, abandoned, strays, unwanted litters - we are obviously full here and then our isolation is full as well so we can’t take in or accommodate any new rabbits at the moment.

“So any strays that turn up we have to send them away and send them to someone else that does have the accommodation.

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“All we want to do is help in any way that we can, but when we haven’t got the space you have to disappoint people.

“Obviously they are doing the right thing by calling us up looking for help and we unfortunately have to say we haven’t got the space and we can’t accommodate and have to advise them going else where.”

If you adopt a rabbit from the RSPCA when they leave they will be neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and will be up-to-date with worm and mite treatment, along with a full health check on their adoption day. The charity also offers ongoing support and advise for anyone adopting from us for the duration of that animals life.

Zoe Barrett, Deputy Centre Manager, revealed that the adoption fee for a rabbit is £25.

She said: “We always pair our rabbits up, or like them to go to a home where they will live with a companion rabbit as they can suffer with depression being on their own.

“Rabbits live in big groups in the wild and being in a bonded pair is essential for their wellbeing. My advice to anyone looking at welcoming a rabbit into their family would be to do your research, make sure you are meeting all of their needs, and then have fun adopting the perfect pair.”

If you’re interested in adopting a rabbit from the centre call 0300 999 7321 and you can book an appointment to visit the centre to find out more.