Mason’s N-Dubz wish comes true

ipswich: Beaming Mason Fountain’s dream was to meet the stars he idolises.

As the brave six-year-old Gusford Primary School pupil battles an inoperable brain tumour a children’s charity has made his wish come true.

On his sixth birthday the youngster celebrated with hip hop trio N-Dubz, thanks to the Rays of Sunshine charity.

Mason is in the middle of a gruelling round of chemotherapy as doctors aim to shrink the tumour which is putting pressure on his pituitary gland, preventing surgeons from operating.

But mum Shelley, of Chantry Green, said to see her treasured son’s face light up with excitement at meeting the group brought tears to her eyes.

A few months ago the play leaders who work at Ipswich Hospital suggested the idea to Shelley and her husband Kevin.

And Mason’s wish came true on Sunday as the family travelled to Oxford for an overnight stay in a hotel and limo ride to meet Tulisa, Dappy and Fazer at a recording studio in Oxford.

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The mum-of-four said: “It was so overwhelming. Everyone there was in tears, the band were overwhelmed and the lady from the charity said she had never come across a more emotional wish.

“The band were totally different to what we expected.

“They would have been with us all afternoon if they could have. For two hours they played with all the kids, they were really, really lovely.

“It meant the world to Mason, he was completely star struck to start with but it was amazing. It took his mind off everything, it was great to see as his mum.”

Recent tests have shown the treatment has shrunk Mason’s tumour very slightly.

His mum Shelley said they are still hoping it will get smaller.

“It is good news, but as his mum I just want to hear it has gone.

“We have still got a long way to go but his eyesight hasn’t got any worse which is the main thing at the moment.”

Because of where the tumour is, increased pressure on his optic nerves could result in the youngster losing his sight.

Shelley added: “He is doing ok at the moment, we have to take every day at a time. He is still up the hospital a lot, but he is managing mornings at school.”

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