Mason steps back to 50s Foxhall

IF you could walk into a time tunnel and come out the other side in another era, where would you go? MASON WHITE of year eight at Kesgrave High School choose 1951.

IF you could walk into a time tunnel and come out the other side in another era, where would you go?

MASON WHITE of year eight at Kesgrave High School choose 1951.

I have just entered the Foxhall Stadium and it cost me 6d.

I am a bit nervous because I didn't know how we are going to do. The match is against Hackney Hawks. I go to the pits where the riders are warming up the bikes.

I am really getting into the mood. There he is - my favourite rider Burt Edwards. I try to run over to see him and ask for an autograph, but the stewards hold me back.

“Sorry mate no entry.”

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“Sorry, sorry …”

I am still a bit nervous all by myself with the crowds building up. It is really loud now and the sound of revving bikes is matched by the cheers and roars of the crowd. The voice of the match official sets the crowd cheering even more, and electricity whips through the crowd.

“Riders change, riders change.”

There he is again walking to the changing room.

Clop, clop, clop - the sound of the riders' metal plates on the bottom of their left shoes clops against the concrete floor.

“Can I have your autograph?” I quickly shout at Burt.

“Yer sure here you go.”

As he comes closer to the crowd, some other kids rush up to say hello and shake his hand. He passes me the autograph.


Now I am really happy. I am running to my seat now - well it isn't much of a seat, it is just loads of concrete around the stadium.

There are places to buy drinks around the stadium, so I grab one and sit down. The music is playing and the atmosphere is building up by the second.

“Hello,” a voice says from behind me, and it is my friend Bobby Robson. But before I say hi back he is now surrounded by tens of fans.

They are shouting, “we love you,” and, “sign here please.” Finally they are now all going away and he asks, “have you got a programme?”


“Well here you go then,” he replies.

Wow - this is brilliant; I can even fill in the score and riders' points. The gates are now closed and I am really excited now. The theme tune is going, the crowds are still screaming and shouting, and I can smell exhausts and rubber. I think the match is now going to begin.

“Give it up for your riders,” the spokesman shouts.

Everyone is now clapping and the atmosphere is superb. The electricity in the crowd rises to a crescendo with their cheers.

The race is about to begin. The riders are all set; the tapes are down and they're off! Wow - this is amazing! The first ever Ipswich Witches race and I am here. They are already on the third bend and Ipswich will win the first race 4-2 if the riders can maintain their positions, or maybe even go one better and win 5-1. “Go on,” I shout, and I think Bobby thinks I am a bit crazy. “YES, YES, YES,” I shout as the Evening Star Witches win their first ever race at Foxhall Stadium.

It is now the fifth race and the opposition are winning 18-12. I am starting to get a bit frustrated and I think some of the fans around me are too.

“Come on you Witches,” the man behind me shouts. “Start riding like a proper team and turn this match around.”

“The interval is after the next race repeat the interval is after the next race.” The spokesman says through the microphone. Ting, the tapes hit the top of the start line; they're off again and this time the witches are winning 5-1.

“Come on hold this position,” everyone is shouting around me.

They are now entering the last lap; Ipswich look very comfortable … BANG … the air fence pops and Burt Edwards crashes. Everyone gasps, but luckily he is okay so he gets up and carries on - still in second position as his team mate had now overtaken him. “5-1, 5-1, 5-1,” the crowd cheers.

It's just as thrilling after the interval. As the last race finishes Ipswich have won the match 37-30.

“Get in there,” I shout - now, with the crowd, so excited that I can't stop from standing up, clapping and cheering. Ipswich Witches have won their first match at Foxhall Stadium!

Which period in history would you like to go back to, and why?

Perhaps you'd like to change the course of history - and what would happen if you did?

To star in Time Tunnel, just get your imagination in gear and tell us your thoughts. Send a story of about 700 words to or post to Features, The Evening Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN.

Famous faces from 1951

Winston Churchill is elected Prime Minister.

Bob Geldolf is born

Judy Garland performs in Dublin

In the news:

The United Nations opens in New York

King George VI opens the Festival of Britain


William Shockley invents the junction transistor.

A.E.C. (Atomic Energy Commission) produces electricity from atomic energy.

Super glue invented.

Charles Ginsburg invented the first videotape recorder (VTR).

Toys and games:

Silly putty


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