McFly wow The Regent

McFlyThe Regent, IpswichWITH their 60s-style guitar riffs and catchy sing-along tunes McFly have already begun to win over the hearts of the nation.


The Regent, Ipswich

WITH their 60s-style guitar riffs and catchy sing-along tunes McFly have already begun to win over the hearts of the nation.

Dubbed 'Baby Busted', the boys are well on their way to the same kind of global fame achieved by Charlie Simpson and chums.

And from the moment they stepped on stage at the Regent on Saturday night they proved exactly why.

As the curtain fell to reveal a gleaming stage set, Tom, Harry, Dougie and Danny launched into a rousing rendition of the Beach-Boys-inspired Saturday Night.

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With their name in lights at the back of the stage, they had the sell-out crowd enraptured from the very first chord.

Careering through all the hits from their debut album 'Room On The Third Floor' at breakneck speed, the boys bounced and jumped around the stage, wowing the teenage crowd – many of who had been queuing for hours to see their idols.

Frontman Tom apologised for not being on top form because of a "horrible cold", but for the fans it did not seem to make the slightest bit of difference.

As the show continued the screams showed no sign of abating and when drummer Harry stepped down from the hydraulic platform on which his drums were perched to get a closer look at the crowd, the noise became so deafening it must have had the Regent shaking in its foundations.

The singles Obviously and That Girl had everyone singing along, while new single Room On The Third Floor had hands aloft for the "na-na-na" chorus.

Almost every song from the album was given an airing with Hypnotised, Not Alone and She Left Me proving to be particular crowd-pleasers.

The swift 60-minute set was rounded off with an encore of their debut number one Five Colours in Her Hair.

McFly might look like your average boy band, but how many stereotypical boy bands could pull off the enviable feat of singing live, playing all their own instruments and actually sounding remarkably good?

A fact highlighted by support act V.

Their slickly choreographed dancing and perky pop tunes went down a storm with the crowd.

But their attempts to mime convincingly all the way through only served to highlight what a different league McFly are in.


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