Melton teenager punched taxi driver in sustained assault over tip given by his mother

Cabbie assaulted after being given tip

Cabbie assaulted after being given tip - Credit: PA

A teenager punched a taxi driver several times while he was on the ground after his mum gave the cabbie a tip, a court heard.

Edward Grant, of St Andrew’s Place, Melton, pleaded guilty at South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court to assaulting Abdul Awal on June 19.

Prosecutor Wayne Ablett said at around 11.30pm Mr Awal had collected the 18-year-old and two females, one of whom was his mother, from Kesgrave.

They asked to go back to St Andrew’s Place.

While they were travelling on the A14 Grant asked the taxi driver to overtake another vehicle. Mr Awal refused to do so.

Mr Ablett said when they arrived in Melton Mr Awal said the fare would be £12 and Grant’s mother gave him a £20 note.

After receiving the difference she gave Mr Awal some change as a tip.

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However, Grant took exception to a tip being given and demanded the money back, despite his mother telling him it was a gratuity.

Grant then threatened to break Mr Awal’s jaw.

After Grant got out of the car he walked up to the driver’s door and punched Mr Awal, who was also out of the car, behind his left ear causing him to fall to the ground.

Mr Ablett said Grant then proceeded to punch the taxi driver several times to the face while he was on the floor.

Mr Awal told Grant he would give the money back and was pleading with him to stop the assault.

Magistrates heard the taxi driver sustained a chipped tooth and bruising to his left cheekbone during the incident.

Mr Ablett said: “It was a sustained and repeated assault.”

The court was also told Grant had previously been convicted on June 28 of assaulting a police constable for which he was fined £80.

Magistrates sentenced Grant to a 12-month community order and told him he must pay compensation to Mr Awal of £100.

Grant was also ordered to pay £50 costs and £85 to the victims’ fund.