Melton: Warning for abusive blood-spraying patient

A man who was spared jail after causing mayhem in a hospital ward when he sprayed his blood at staff, has reappeared in court for breaching a community sentence.

Phillip Bowman failed on two occasions to turn up for unpaid work at Woodbridge’s Red Cross shop – a court requirement imposed as part of a 200-hour community order.

In the early hours of October 23 last year, the 21-year-old sprayed his blood over Ipswich Hospital staff after severing an artery in his hand on a wine glass, during an argument with his girlfriend.

Jobless Bowman, who lives with his mother in Yarmouth Road, Melton, refused treatment in A&E and caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage to medical equipment and clothing, after consuming a litre of wine.

Bowman also turned his aggression on staff becoming abusive and telling an arresting police officer that he was “building up some spit” for them.

A senior nurse called it “by far the most disruptive shift” he had ever worked.

On November 17, he pleaded guilty to threatening behaviour and criminal damage.

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On Monday, Bowman appeared in custody at South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court and admitted missing two appointments for unpaid work, which he is expected to carry three times a week.

Bowman smirked and shrugged his way through the short hearing, telling magistrates he could not pay off the remainder of a bill for compensation and court costs because he had “other debts.”

Before adding 30 hours to Bowman’s order, presiding magistrate Anne Walker said: “You might see it as rather humorous. I’m sure living with your mum is infinitely more preferable to Norwich Prison.”