Mental health awareness event at Ipswich Library on February 2 for Time to Talk Day

The event will take place at Ipswich Library in Northgate Street. Credit: Lucy Tayor.

The event will take place at Ipswich Library in Northgate Street. Credit: Lucy Tayor. - Credit: Lucy taylor

Campaigners in Ipswich are joining a nation-wide push to get people talking more openly about mental heath.

The ‘caterpillars’ Time to Change group, made up of ambassadors across Suffolk, is hosting an event at Ipswich Library tomorrow from 10am to 1pm.

There will be stalls from various organisations in the field of mental health with representatives on hand to speak to visitors, as well as drawings to be filled in by adults and children.

It has been organised to mark Time to Talk Day, which aims to start conversations, change how the public think and act about mental health problems and end the stigma around the issue.

Brian Turner, from the caterpillars group, said: “We are taking part in Time to Talk Day because mental health is a topic that we should all feel able to talk about.

“Having these all important conversations can make a big difference to many people.

“The more we talk, the more lives we can change.”

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Mr Turner said the Suffolk group was named caterpillars to symbolise the journey of someone struggling with their mental health: “We are fighting our way through life as a caterpillar and as a result of getting help we blossom into a beautiful butterfly.”

According to Time to Change, a national movement backed by the Government to end mental health discrimination, one in four people will experience a mental health problem in any given year, but many are too afraid to talk about it.

Sue Baker, director of Time to Change, said: “Mental health problems are common and can affect any one of us, yet too often people are afraid to talk openly about mental health for fear of being judged.

“Time to Talk Day is a chance for everyone to open up about mental health - to talk, to listen, to change lives.

“We want to get the nation talking round the clock, whatever the time, whatever the place, wherever you are - it’s easy to take part and make a change.”

The event at Ipswich Library tomorrow is free and open to all.

For information about Time to Talk Day and how to can get involved, click here.