Mexico: Earthquake rocks Acapulco

A STRONG 7.4-magnitude earthquake hit Mexico today, shaking central and southern parts of the country, collapsing a pedestrian bridge and swaying buildings in Mexico City.

Plaster fell from ceilings and windows broke in the centre of the capital, but the president said there were no immediate reports of major damage.

US President Barack Obama’s oldest daughter, Malia, was reported safe while on holiday with a school group in Oaxaca sate.

The initial quake near the borders of Oaxaca and Guerrero states was followed by a less powerful, magnitude-5.1 aftershock that also was felt in the capital.

Frightened workers and residents poured into the streets of the capital just minutes after noon local time. Telephone service was down in the city and throughout the area where the quake was felt.

About 40 passengers were stranded for a short time on the Mexico City airport air train, but later released. The airport closed for a time but officials said there was no runway damage and they resumed operations.

A pedestrian bridge collapsed and crushed a microbus in Mexico City, but there were still no reports of deaths. A building in the neighbourhood of Condesa appeared to be on the verge of collapsing.