Region set for dry and mild weekend - with higher than average temperatures

East Anglia is set for a cloudy but dry weekend Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

East Anglia is set for a cloudy but dry weekend Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN - Credit: Archant

Suffolk and Essex are in for a cloudy but mild weekend with temperatures higher than average for his time of year.

Although sunshine will be scarce, with mist and fog moving in through the evenings, the mercury could hit 13C (55F) on Sunday.

Chris Bell, forecaster at Weatherquest, said: “For the most part today (Saturday) it will be more on the cloudy side but still relatively mild.

“We will see temperatures of up to 11 or 12C (52-54F)

“We could see some low cloud, mist and fog developing at the end of the day and into the evening. “It will be a bit of a dull end of the day with a misty, murky night.

“Sunday will be a better for sunshine. “Temperatures make it back up to 13C (55F) by the afternoon.

“We will see cloud increase through Sunday but there is no rain expected this weekend.”

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Mr Bell said the higher than average temperatures were down to warm air coming in from the south. He said “The average temperature for this time of the year is usually 7-8C (45-46F) during the day

“The main reason for the higher temperatures is the position of having high pressure to our east and low pressure to the west, in terms of the UK. “This means it brings in southerly winds which bring up the warmer air. “This time of year you may get that for a few days but it is not that unusual.”

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