Milk scandal hits Suffolk adult store

CHINA'S tainted milk scandal could have affected the bedroom exploits of some of Suffolk's more raunchy couples, it emerged today.

CHINA'S tainted milk scandal could have affected the bedroom exploits of some of Suffolk's more raunchy couples, it emerged today.

Four children died and thousands became ill after consuming milk contaminated with the toxic chemical, melamine.

The Chinese government ordered the withdrawal of milk produced in the country - but it seems batches were used to make chocolate flavoured sex products, some of which may have been on sale at the Anne Summers store in Ipswich town centre.

The items affected, which have since been withdrawn from the shelves of the adult high street store, included chocolate body spreads and a novelty pen set, which contains a chocolate-flavoured body pen.

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All of the products were imported from a Chinese manufacturer called Le Bang.

They were removed after the Food Standards Agency (FSA) issued an alert following the revelation about the milk scandal last month.

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Food safety experts detected levels of melamine were up to 100 times greater than limits set by the European commission.

European food safety officials have imposed strict checks on food products arriving from China that contain milk products.

The FSA said the withdrawal was precautionary and the risk was low.

The Chinese milk supplies are believed to have been deliberately tainted with melamine to give the appearance of a higher protein content.

A spokesman for Ann Summers said: “All chocolate products on sale in Ann Summers stores, on their website and through their party planners are thoroughly safe and pass the stringent UK testing requirements.

As a responsible retailer, Ann Summers tests all chocolate products for safety. Before the FSA issued an alert this week, to be diligent, even though we did not fit the criteria of having over 15 per cent milk solids in our products, we had already taken all relevant steps to remove any chocolate product that could potentially be affected by the Melamine issue in China.

“Although our products did not have to be withdrawn, we took these precautionary measures to ensure customer safety.”

Ipswich Borough Council said it was satisfied that the products had been withdrawn and confirmed no members of the public had contacted the authority's environmental health department.

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