Miracle baby Evie, born premature in the Dominican Republic, is released from hospital

New mum Sharon Halls with daughter Evie before she left hospital in the Dominican Republic. It was o

New mum Sharon Halls with daughter Evie before she left hospital in the Dominican Republic. It was one of the first times Miss Halls was able to hold her prematurely-born child - Credit: Archant

She now weighs more than when she was born, can breathe unaided and can finally be held in her parents arms.

Daniel Compton with daughter Evie

Daniel Compton with daughter Evie - Credit: Archant

Baby Evie has been released from hospital and new mum Sharon Halls is still hopeful her mircale baby will be home in time for Christmas.

Miss Halls gave birth to her daughter 12 weeks premature while in the Dominican Republic with partner Daniel Compton.

The couple, from Ipswich, were attending a friend’s wedding when an infection picked up by Miss Halls caused the early birth.

Initially at a private hospital charging $2,500 a day for the little girl’s care, the new parents were moved to a public hospital where they said the sanitation and level of care were “lacking”.

They also feared the costs they had already incurred may not have been covered by their insurance.

A fundraising campaign was set up to raise money for the trio but was stopped when their cover was confirmed.

Now, with Evie making steady progress and the situation less fraught than it was four weeks ago, Miss Halls is looking forward to the time when the family can finally come home.

“We’re happy,” she said yesterday. “2lbs 13oz (her weight) is good because she’s now back to what she was.

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“She’s got an eye test tomorrow and she’ll have a scan on her brain next week.

“She’s just so strong. I can’t begin to tell you how she’s amazed us.”

The family’s insurers have recently flown Miss Halls’ mum out to the Dominican Republic for a few days to take some of the pressure off the new parents, who are living with Evie in their temporary accommodation after she was released by the hospital.

However she still has to visit medics three times a week for check-ups.

“It’s been a great help,” Miss Halls added. “At home she wouldn’t have been released until she was feeding on her own and weighing four pounds.

“You’re so used to what goes on in the UK but you just have to run with it.”

Mr Compton has started learning some Spanish to help the couple communicate with hospital staff a bit easier, while Evie herself is very responsive to the sound of someone speaking the language.

Talking about becoming parents Miss Halls said: “It’s amazing. Just being able to hold her when she is crying and then she stops.

“Daniel is a very proud dad as you can imagine.”

Evie’s progress means Miss Halls is hopeful a return to the UK could happen at the end of November and is very positive about being back home before Christmas.

She also thanked everyone who has supported her family since Evie’s birth.