Royal Mail confirms removal of Ipswich postbox

The post box in Tuddenham Avenue in December 2020

Royal Mail said it has a legal duty to remove postboxes on private property when asked to do so. - Credit: Google Maps

An Ipswich postbox that "vanished overnight" was removed after an official request. 

Users of the Tuddenham Avenue postbox reported it had "vanished without notice or warning".

Royal Mail removed the postbox following a request from a property owner as it sat within the property line of a home on Tuddenham Avenue. 

A Royal Mail spokesman said: "We are legally obliged to remove boxes on private property if we are requested to do so.  

"We apologise to customers for the inconvenience and ask customers to use any other postboxes in the area or drop off mail at the local post office branch." 

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Nearby postbox locations include Tuddenham Road and Christchurch Street. 

There are a number of reasons postboxes can be taken out of service, although Royal Mail says underuse is not a consideration. Risk of safety to postal workers, compromised mail security, potential building works restricting access or damage to the box can all result in removal or relocation.

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