MoD warns about late-night Apache training

An Apache from Wattisham Flying Station, pictured here arriving at the Suffolk Show in 2019

An Apache from Wattisham Flying Station, pictured here arriving at the Suffolk Show in 2019 - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown/Archant

The Ministry of Defence has warned that military helicopters will be flying over Suffolk throughout next week. 

While there is night flying planned, no sorties are expected to take place after midnight. 

Flights will begin from the Wattisham flying station, at the former RAF Wattisham site, from October 18 to 22. 

These exercises will involve Apache attack helicopters operated by the Army. This is in support of critical pilot training, which will involve the aircraft flying to firing ranges in Lincolnshire, and operating along the north Norfolk coast. 

The MoD advises residents local to Wattisham that it will be using an area of the airfield to the north of the runway to land at times. 

An MoD spokesman said: "Helicopters can land anywhere, but normally we have them fly along the runway like a plane while landing in a manoeuvre called a hover-taxi. 

"Because of the specific nature of this training, the helicopters will be landing in an area north of the runway instead. 

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"While the reality is the helicopters are only 25 meters closer to the fence than usual, they may sound a lot louder to residents."

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