More protests at Sizewell power station

THE ROW over the use of foreign workers escalated today with a second day of action at Sizewell.

Richard Smith

DISPUTES over the use of foreign workers have escalated with a second day of action at Sizewell.

Sub contractors turned up for work, held a meeting, and then immediately walked out and started a picket line outside Sizewell.

Scaffolders and asbestos strippers are not working at Sizewell A and they expect to be joined later by sub contractors at Sizewell B.

About 30 people refused to work, in support of industrial unrest throughout Britain over foreign workers taking British jobs.

One sub contractor at Sizewell A, who is on his second day of action, said: ''At the end of the day nothing has changed with the Government.

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“They tell us they are going to bring in foreign workers and we gather other power stations are going to come out in protest.

“We can not afford to lose money by not working but we have even had men who started on Friday and today who have come out.

“It is all about principles and that someone has to make a stand over this. The more people out in protest, the better.”

The worker, who declined to be named, added: “Nobody has put a time limit on how long we protest. Each day we are going in and making a decision.”

On Monday up to 70 sub contractors refused to work at the twin power stations.