Mother and daughters' 16st weight loss

A MUM and her two daughters are celebrating an incredible weight loss which has seen the trio shed more than 16 stone.

Anthony Bond

A MUM and her two daughters are celebrating an incredible weight loss which has seen the trio shed more than 16 stone.

Trish Pack, 48, and her daughters Jodie, 20, and Hollie, 18, were on holiday in Spain during the summer of 2007 when they decided to do something about their weight.

They signed up to a weekly slimming class in Woodbridge and have not looked back since.

Mrs Pack said: “We were on holiday in Spain and Hollie was really unhappy. She did not want to smile for a photo and she said 'whatever I do I am ugly'.

“I just thought that I was being a good mum by making cakes and buying sweets and eating whatever we wanted.

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“I thought that was part of being a good mum but I was making her life a misery.

“She told me one day on the holiday how unhappy she was. It was a turning point in all our lives.”

Following that decision the family made a number of changes to their diet, which included making everything from fresh, and things could not have gone any better for them.

Mrs Pack has lost 6-and-a-half stone - dropping from a size 32 to 16 - while Jodie dropped from a size 18 to 8 with a weight loss of 3 stone, 10-and-a-half pounds.

And Hollie dropped from a size 22 to 12 with a weight loss of 6 stone.

Mrs Pack said: “It has completely transformed our lives.

“I am just so proud of the girls. We pushed together and if someone was weak then the others pushed them along.

“We feel much happier because they are now what they should be and they can be more confident in their lives. I used to feel so guilty because I made them like that but that guilt has now gone.”

Hollie, who is in the sixth-form at Farlingaye High School, said the weight loss had had a dramatic effect on her life.

She said: “Before, I had such a lack of confidence and felt very down but I have noticed that I can now go into situations with confidence. I even put myself forward for a couple of shows at school which I probably would not have done before,

“I am now able to go out and do whatever I want.

“I was looking at the pictures of what I used to look like recently and I felt ill. I just think to myself, why did I let myself get like that? It is very shocking, I cannot believe it when I am compared to what I used to look like.”

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Mrs Pack said the family used to be “real foodies” and would eat many fattening foods. This included curries with full fat coconut milk and large roast dinners as well as pastries, crisps and chocolate.

“We were eating lots of things and not being aware of hidden calories,” said Trish.

However, since attending Slimming World, Trish now cooks everything from fresh rather than from a jar containing fattening sauces.

The family also eat plenty of lean meat and fish.


The same as England Rugby player Mike Tindall who weighs in at 16st 7lbs

224 bags of sugar (weighing 1lb)

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