Mother's Day messages from troops

"Dear Mummy – Thanks for looking after me while Daddy's away."That was the heartfelt message from one serving with 3 Army Air Corps in Iraq but who duty prevents sharing the happy day with their family, wives and girlfriends.

"Dear Mummy – Thanks for looking after me while Daddy's away."

That was the heartfelt message from one serving with 3 Army Air Corps in Iraq but who duty prevents sharing the happy day with their family, wives and girlfriends.

And mothers across the UK will be thinking of their sons and daughters in the armed forces who are serving on Operation Telic as the war against Saddam Hussein continues to rage.

At the moment the regiment is providing security in the oilfield area of Rumaila in southern Iraq with its Lynx and Gazelle helicopters in testing conditions of the Iraqi summer.

The fireballs throwing out flame and poisonous smoke from the blasted seven oil wells dotted around the region have now been extinguished, according to military sources, but the home fires are still burning.

Whatever their hardships, the thoughts of the members of the Army Air Corps are clearly with the women and children in their lives, thousands of miles away.

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The following sent their Mothers' Day greetings with love and best wishes:

Sgt Major Andy Smith, of 653 Sqn, of Stowmarket – Lots of love to mum, Jackie on Mother's Day from Sam and Joe and Dad

Cpl Ian Brain, of Ipswich – To Sallie, Have a great Mother's Day.

Cpl Mark Rowland, 29, of Hadleigh – To Mummy, Happy Mother's Day (HMD) and thanks for looking after me while Daddy's away, All my love, Charlotte

Cpl Kelly James, 29, of Needham Market 'Thanks for everything, Mum';

Sgt 'Big Bird Joyce, 31, Ipswich 'To my darling wife, Happy Mother's Day, lots of love James and Heather. Dinner's on me when I get back…and Happy Mother's Day to Irene Joyce, of Perth, Scotland;

L/Cpl Greg Allen – To Zoe in Brantham – Love you, miss you, happy mother's day. Be home soon

Cpl Craig Dootson, 30, of Stowmarket – To Joanne – Missing you loads, HMD from George and Ellen

Capt Dean Blackman, 30, of Hadleigh – Dear Melanie, HMD. Love to Sarah, love Dean

WO2 Andrew Button, 36, from Ipswich via the Rhondda Valley – HMD – All my love, Andrew

Sgt Simon Tipper, of Cedar Park, Stowmarket – Dear Janice – Happy First Mother's Day, love from Simon and Jamie and to Marjorie Watson in Chorley, Lancs, HMD, love Simon

Sgt John Adams, 36, of Little Blakenham – HMD – We're being as good as we can, All our love Thunder and Lightning…and to my mum Jeni

Cpl Gavin McCann, 31, from Wattisham – To Claire, HMD, sorry I can't be there. Love you lots, speak soon

Sgt Nelly Nelson, 35, Hull – Have a nice day – thoughts are with you. Darren

Gunner Scott Kent, 20, of Burton-on-Trent – Hi Mum, Thinking of you on this special day. See you soon'

Sgt Maj Andy Bushnell, 37, of Nottingham – HMD! Everything going fine, hope to see you soon

Air Tpr David Hole, 20, of Haywards Heath, Sussex – Hi to everyone I know – don't worry I'll be back soon.

Cpl Adam Wilkinson, 21, of Seaham, Co Durham – HMD to Mandy Remmer, have a great day, all our love Adam and Connor..and HMD to Val Brown, See you soon

L/Cpl Ian Handley, 28, Southport, Merseyside, - Missing you loads, Mum – send me some goodies!

L/Cpl Janine Nicholl, 26, of Silloth, Cumbria – missing you loads, have a nice day - and send ME some goodies

Cpl Lee Meek, 34, Grimsby – HMD – and happy birthday, Dad!

SAC Paul Feetham, 24, of Sunderland – HMD and a special birthday message to my Dad the day after

SAC Gaz Hastie, 24, from Attleborough – HMD to mum in Norwich

Air Tpr Paul Williams, 25, of Cannoch, Staffs – See you soon, Mum

Cpl Mark Stevenson, 31, of Nottingham – Hello, Mum, I'm fine

Air Tpr Barry Connolly, 21 St Helens, Hello, Mum, love you lots and can't wait to get home

Air Tpr Joe Wilson, 20, of Lockerbie – Hiya Mum, love you lots and I hope you have a nice day

LCpl Ian Ravenhill, 23, of Plymouth – HMD, see you in a few months

LCpl Barry Dean, 23, HMD Mum in York and to Sue in Colchester and Dean and Rocky, hope you're doing fine

Pte Stephen Davies, 23, of Birmingham – HMD and happy birthday, having lots of fun digging

Air Tpr Joel Bamsey, 27, of Port Talbot, S.Wales - Have a good day and I wish I was there with you now. Win lots of money at bingo

Others who sent love and best wishes to their wives and mothers were:

Cpl Pete Beard, 33, Aberystwth

Sgt Royston Dunk, 31, Maidstone, Kent

L/Cpl Amanda Walker, 24, Dellabol, Cornwall

Air Tpr Paul (and L/Cpl Lee Scott serving with the HCR), from Grimsby Captain Richard Ball, 25, from Gloucester

SAC David Marr, 22 of Middlesborough

Air Tpr Ben Mills, 18, of Margate, Kent

Air Tpr Martin Murphy, 23, of Halifax, W.Yorks

Air Tpr Giles Donington, 26, Poole, Dorset;

Cpl Richard Wykes, 27, of Burton on Trent

Air Tpr Matt Graham, of Alton, Hamps

Air Tpr Sion Roberts, 25, Abergeley, N.Wales

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