MP hopefuls are chasing kids’ votes!

IPSWICH: Abigail and Sophie Spilling haven’t yet decided who to vote for in their first general election despite getting several letters from candidates.

But then that’s hardly surprising – at only two and five, it will be many more years before they can vote.

They received voting cards at their Morland Road home last week, and have been receiving election addresses from the candidates for several days.

Mum Debra admits she made a mistake in filling in the electoral registration form – but says the family has been amused by the deluge of literature for the youngsters.

She said: “Abigail has had letters from both Ben Gummer and Chris Mole. We’re just waiting for her to get something from the Liberals as well.

“I think I made a mistake in filling in the electoral form when it came through – but it is rather funny.

“I might take them along to the polling station when I go along to vote – but of course we know we cannot use their cards or anything like that.”

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A spokesman for Ipswich Borough Council accepted that Mrs Spilling had made a genuine error in filling out the form – but warned it was an offence to fill it in incorrectly.

He said there could be serious penalties if anyone tried to vote using the name of a child or someone not entitled to be on the electoral register.

However figures from elections in 2008 showed there were only a tiny number of investigations for electoral fraud – only one person was convicted and nine people cautioned after 4,000 separate elections involving six million people.

The spokesman added: “Our staff are trained to ensure there is no fraud, both at the polling stations and when dealing with postal votes.”

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