Multi-sensory 4DX cinema experience with wind and lightning effects coming to Cineworld Ipswich next month

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Cineworld Ipswich will become the fifth cinema in the country to launch 4DX - a “revolutionary and immersive” cinematic experience - on June 24.

What the new auditorium could look like

What the new auditorium could look like - Credit: Archant

The 4DX auditorium will stimulate all five senses through high-tech motion seats and special effects such as wind, fog, rainstorm, lightning, bubbles, water, rain and scents.

Available in both 2D and 3D formats, 4DX, which is exclusive to Cineworld in the UK, has been adopted by Hollywood Studios with more than 300 movies, including recent blockbusters such as Captain America: Civil War and Disney’s The Jungle Book, screened in 4DX.

Justin Skinner, senior vice president marketing at Cineworld, says in a video launched by the company this morning: “4DX is a multi-sensory cinematic experience, 16 different effects, blowing customers away with the experience of a Hollywood movie in a seat that lurches and moves all in perfect synchronisation with the movie. It really is a fantastic experience.”

The hotly anticipated Independence Day: Resurgence will be the one of the next films available in 4DX and will be screened during the opening weekend at Cineworld Ipswich.

What audiences will experience at Cineworld Ipswich from next month

What audiences will experience at Cineworld Ipswich from next month - Credit: Archant

The 4DX auditorium, which is currently under construction – will house 136 specially designed seats, plus a curved screen measuring 12.7m by 7.0m – bigger than a double decker bus.

The 11-screen cinema will also be getting an upgrade in its IMAX auditorium, with new spacious seats being installed.

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Cineworld Ipswich manager Sam Prior said: “Over 210,000 people have tried the 4DX experience with Cineworld since opening last year, so we’re absolutely thrilled to be expanding our entertainment offering here at Cineworld Ipswich.

“There’s nothing like it in the area and we’re the fifth Cineworld in the whole of the UK to offer 4DX to our audiences. We cannot wait to see customers’ reactions when they try this new experience in June.

“We are always looking at the latest innovations in technology, and with our offering now including 4DX as well as IMAX, we are giving customers more choice to watch a movie how they want.

He added: “We’re confident Cineworld Ipswich will be the best place to watch a movie.”

The 4DX auditorium will open to the public on June 23 with Independence Day: Resurgence 4DX tickets going on sale this Friday.

Cineworld superfan Phil Bayles said of the new experience: “I think the 4DX is really, really cool. I think it adds something. You can really tell the time and effort that has been put into making the seat go in a certain way at the same time so it matches what’s going on, on the screen. I think it’s really fantastic.”

To book tickets and for further information, visit Cineworld’s website.