Mum and daughter reunited after 55 years

A MOTHER and daughter may live worlds apart but they are closer than they ever have been today after 55 long years apart.

A MOTHER and daughter may live worlds apart but they are closer than they ever have been today after 55 long years apart.

Janet Page, who was brought up in Ipswich, has finally found her mother, Georgina Krueger, after searching for more than three decades. Now the pair have found each other, they have lots of missing time to catch up on but it is not easy with them living on opposite sides of the world.

Mrs Page, 55, who currently lives in Tasmania, Australia, admits that she had always felt there was a gap in her life after being told that she was cared for by the Dr Barnardo's charity when she was just three months old and then passed on to foster parents in Felixstowe at 14 months.

Ms Krueger, now living in Florida, America, has since told her she was taken away at just three days old because she was a single mother at the time with no job.

It was persistent searches on the internet that finally resulted in getting a phone number for her long lost mother.

She said: “I got into a right state when I spoke to her on the phone for the first time. I was like a headless chicken and was shaking. “The next morning, I went straight to the travel agent and booked a flight to Florida.

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“When we met for the first time, it was amazing. We are so much alike-I need a scientist to explain it. We have the same mannerisms and there have been so many similarities in our life.”

As well as coping with the shock of meeting her daughter again, Ms Krueger has also had to get her head around having three grandchildren, two of whom still live in Ipswich, 11 great grandchildren and a great great grandchild on the way. She swore she would never have anymore children after losing Janet and when she left Ipswich, she did not keep in touch with any family members.

The 72-year-old said: “I am still very confused about it. It was such a shock. I just got this call at 7.30am and I had not heard from my daughter in 55 years. I never thought I would hear her again because she was taken away from me. I have tried to block my past out.”

Mrs Page added: “I would like to tell the Ipswich people that there is hope to finding relatives that are lost. I want to say thanks to my fabulous husband who was the one that made this all possible as he helped me on the internet.”

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