Mum seeks witness to son’s death crash

CLAYDON/BRAMFORD: A mother seeking justice after her son died following a crash in Crete believes a Suffolk couple could hold the key to her search.

Dorothy Daly’s 24-year-old son Glen died after an alleged hit-and-run while on holiday on June 6, 2009, between the scooter he was riding and a lorry.

Mrs Daly claimed the driver of the truck was seen removing the bike from beneath his vehicle before driving off, leaving her son fatally injured.

Mrs Daly is desperate for information and appealed for the couple, who she thinks have the surname Griffiths and live in the Claydon or Bramford area, to contact her.

The 53-year-old said members of her extended family, named Angie and Toller, got talking to the couple when they travelled to Kos between May 4 and May 13 this year. The husband of the woman they were talking to worked as a lorry driver for a freight company.

Mrs Daly said: “The woman mentioned she did not like motorbikes as she saw a young lad get killed when she was on holiday in Crete two years ago.

“She could be very important and be a vital witness.

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“I’m asking them, as a parent, would they like to be in my shoes knowing there’s someone out there that could be a vital witness to their son’s killing?”

Mrs Daly, of Chadwell St Mary, near Grays, Essex, said she has been campaigning to get justice for her son for the past two years.

A man, who is believed to have been the lorry’s driver, is due to appear before a court in Greece in September. If you were the couple in question, Mrs Daly can be contacted on 07904 928112.