Mum stubs out habit

A MUM who stubbed out her smoking habit is urging others to follow her lead today.

A MUM who stubbed out her smoking habit is urging others to follow her lead today.

Julie Murray, 30, of Elmcroft Road, Ipswich, smoked for 15 years before finally quitting nearly two months ago.

Now the mum-of-two is hoping to inspire others and will be giving a talk to a group of smokers keen to kick the habit on Thursday.

Mrs Murray said she was thrilled that the group sessions run by the Suffolk Stop Smoking Service had helped her so much, leaving her healthier and able to play with her children, Courtney, three, and one-year-old Joshua.

She said: “After lots of long, hard years of trying to give up, I'm now feeling really good.

“I'm feeling really positive and it's all because of the group. The service is absolutely brilliant - going along was the best thing I've ever done.

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“The support I've had was brilliant. Because all of the members of the group are doing it together, you feel more encouraged as everybody is experiencing the same thing.”

After seeing his wife's success first hand, Mrs Murray's husband Stephen was also persuaded to give up - and the whole family are all benefiting as a result.

“Our children have been a big motivating factor,” she added.

“And I notice a huge difference now in my general fitness when I'm out walking with the children.

“During the sessions, we were given advice on healthy eating and exercise, so the programme hasn't just been about smoking but has also concentrated on living a healthy lifestyle. The extra information has been really helpful.

“I'd encourage anybody else who is thinking about giving up to go for it and definitely go along to a group to see what they've got to offer. I'm really pleased that I did.”

The group clinic which Mrs Murray will be speaking at runs from 6.15pm to 7.30pm on Thursdays at the Ipswich Caribbean Centre in Woodbridge Road. To make an appointment or for more information call the Suffolk Stop Smoking Service on 0800 0856037.

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