Mum tells of dog attack horror

A TERRIFIED dog is recovering today after being savaged by two dogs who ran amok in an Ipswich park.

Rebecca Lefort

A TERRIFIED dog is recovering today after being savaged by two dogs who ran amok in an Ipswich park.

Dog-lover Beverley Garnham thought her little springer cross, Keno, was dead after it was savaged in Ipswich's Landseer Park on Sunday morning by the bullmastiffs who are believed to have escaped from their enclosure.

Neighbours and passers-by bravely came to the aid of Mrs Garnham, standing between her dog and his two attackers.

The dogs were also spotted chasing two boys on bikes.

Thankfully the three-year-old pooch has now recovered, however Mrs Garnham has been told Keno could have internal injuries, and now he is too scared to leave the house.

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Mum-of-two Mrs Garnham, who lives near the park and was contacted by The Evening Star following the drama, said: "We were coming out of the park and I put my dog on his lead.

“Then two dogs came up and the bigger dog started sniffing around Keno, and we were stuck in a corner.

"One started snarling and growling. My dog was petrified. Then one of the dogs started to bite Keno, I was kicking and screaming to get him off."

Together with the people who came to help, she prevented the dogs attacking Keno any further but the little dog had passed out with fright causing Mrs Garnham to think her beloved pet had died.

She added: "I was just devastated. Then he came round, but once the dogs saw he was alive they came back for more. “They had blood in their mouths - it was horrid.

"Thankfully the other people were there and they helped me hold the dogs back by standing between them and Keno.

"I'm really grateful to everyone that came out to help because if they hadn't he would be dead, I'm sure of it because I wouldn't have been able to hold them off."

Eventually the two big dogs ran away, and 23-year-old electrician James Stephenson, who had come out to help after hearing the screaming from his Benacre Road home, went after them.

He said: "I saw them chasing two boys on BMXs. I got a hockey stick and went after them, keeping them in one place until the police got there. Then the owner got there and got them on leads.

"I think more needs to be done to make sure this doesn't happen again. The dogs should be muzzled at the very least."

The attack comes less than a week after The Evening Star told of another dog attack when Janet Essex was walking her Lhasa Apso on the Millennium Field in Kesgrave and it was set upon by a Greyhound.

Suffolk police officers are now investigating the incident. It is believed the two aggressive dogs had been in an enclosure but had broken out.

The dogs' owner could now be given a summons for not keeping a dog under proper control.

Anyone who saw the drama should contact Pc David Wright on 01473 613500.

- Are you the dogs' owner? Contact The Evening Star news desk on 01473 324788 or email