Muntjac deer gets into the wars in Ipswich town centre

The rescued muntjac prepares for her trip to Norfolk.

The rescued muntjac prepares for her trip to Norfolk.

A female muntjac deer is now being treated by wildlife experts after being found injured in a garden near the town centre.

The deer, about the size of a medium-sized dog, was found in the garden of a house in Fonnereau Road, just behind Crown Pools.

She had an injured hoof and a cuts to her face when found by RSPCA inspector Dave Podmore.

After being caught and placed in an animal character she was due to be taken to the wildlife hospital at East Winch near Kings Lynn where she is expected to spend about a fortnight recovering.

Once she has been declared fit, she is expected to be returned to Christchurch Park, from where she is thought to have strayed.

Mr Podmore said: “The deer’s feet were bloodied and her hoof walls were damaged. There was a little bit of fur loss as well where it looks like she may have suffered a bump on the head.

“She was up and about when I found her though, so she is being taken for assessment at the RSPCA’s East Winch wildlife hospital.”

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A spokesman for the borough said the muntjac is thought to be part of a small group that live in the park area: “I haven’t seen one there myself, but I’m told by the park rangers that there are muntjac there – although they are quite shy.”