Museum Street offices likely to become homes

Birketts office, Museum street Ipswich

Birketts office, Museum street Ipswich

Birketts is set to move out of its existing offices in Museum Street in Ipswich in early 2018 – but what will happen to those buildings has still to be decided.

The historic buildings in one of the oldest commercial parts of the town are listed so any changes will have to be sympathetic.

But it is thought likely that they will end up being converted into homes – which is, ironically, how they started before the company was established in the mid 19th Century.

Jonathan Agar from the company said: “Benjamin Birkett started out working in his front room and then he took over the house next door and then expanded again and again – that’s how the whole business started there.

“The buildings are all listed, in many cases inside as well as out, so there on limits on what could be done with them but I think the likelihood is that they will eventually become homes.”

Ipswich Council leader David Ellesmere said the authority would be working with Birketts to try to come up with a suitable use for their current and was confident there would be considerable interest in the historic buildings.