My Pet: Looking ahead to the General Election on May 7 - Abbie consider running

Abbie Hunter

Abbie Hunter - Credit: Archant

I’ve only just taken down my Christmas tree but already people are looking towards May.

You may think that politics is something that us dogs aren’t interested in. But think again. Across the land canines of all political hues are preparing for the big election.

Matt, my human person, has told me it will be one of the big events in his world too. And this year I have decided to run for election.

You may think this is a bold move but dogs have been elected as mayors before in the USA, so anything is possible.

What I need is a crack team of researchers, thinkers and plotters. The sort that could torpedo out of the water any claim made by the other side.

Matt thinks the key issues for humans will be the economy and the NHS. For us dogs the cost of a meaty treat and the price of flea treatment are also priorities.

Frank the labrador from Leiston says any politician that guarantees him a free dog bowl with any visit to the vet gets his vote. While Margot the dalmatian from Milden believes all cats should continue to be barred from polling stations, which I agreed with.

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Matt told me there has been a bit of a kerfuffle about whether the Green Party and UKIP should be allowed to participate in the human televised debates.

This got me thinking that a dog version would make excellent viewing. We could have our own David Dimbleby, Duke the Great Dane from Glemsford, to chair and invites would go to the great and the good in the Suffolk and north Essex dog world.

It would make for tremendous viewing!

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