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Grandfather-to-be Joe Freezer shins up electricity poles to deal with faults and power cuts.He is married to Trina with children Ashley 25, Anita, 23, and Alyssa, 20.

Grandfather-to-be Joe Freezer shins up electricity poles to deal with faults and power cuts.

He is married to Trina with children Ashley 25, Anita, 23, and Alyssa, 20. He also has Louisa, 34 who is due to have a baby in April and Daniel, 31 from a previous marriage.

Today the Needham Market man describes a typical week.


I rise at 6.30am and make my way to the Stowmarket depot to do paperwork at 7.30am. My ranger van is my work station and office!

I have worked within the electricity industry for 39 years, first with Eastern Electricity and now EDF Energy.

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My first call out is to a house in Stanton Dale Road to check on high voltage power lines, as the owner had heard arcing noises from a pole at the bottom of his garden. I check all the poles nearby and the same noise was coming from them all, due to the damp weather conditions. I reassure the resident that there is nothing to worry about and the noise will subside.

My next tasks involve work at Leiston, Kennett and Halesworth.

Ashley meets me at home for tea, to discuss the weekend footie - he likes to call round if his mum has cooked something nice! He plays for Stonham Aspal.

I go to Stowmarket Centenary Band practice at 7.30pm then on to badminton at Stowupland with friends from 9pm.

On the way home I call in at the supermarket to buy Trina some flowers, I'm still a romantic after 25 years of marriage.


At 7.30am I head to Framlingham to visit landowners to obtain their permission for access to their land, so future projects can be organised.

I then meet a local farm manager to discuss future work on his land.

I arrive home at 4pm, do a quick change and head to Stowmarket to collect my new glasses from the opticians. After this I call in at the local hairdressers for a trim and a chat to my friend Sam.

At 7pm I call at my son and daughter's house to sort out a new aerial connection to his bedroom.

I spend this evening catching up with emails from friends and family. It's Holby City on telly so Trina is glued to the set!


At 7.30am I set off for Walsham to investigate fitting bird diverters to a high voltage power line, to protect racing pigeons. These orange plastic discs clip on to power lines so birds can see the lines and avoid flying into them. They also protect swans and geese.

I then go to a farm in Bressingham to arrange a high voltage shut down so that a faulty switch can be removed.

I call at Tuddenham, near Mildenhall, to check a faulty switch. There is no loss of supply and arrangements are made to have this replaced on Thursday by the Diss team.

Home at 4pm, for a quiet evening in watching footie on the telly.


I receive a call to go to Walsham Le Williows to assist another team of linesmen and jointers to renew two faulty low voltage cables. The work goes smoothly but it is very cold.

At 3.10pm my pager goes off. There is a major fault at Harleston, Norfolk with an estimated 3,500 customers affected. A contractor hit a high voltage cable while drilling in the road, which caused the main substation in Harleston to trip out and the electricity supplies to be disrupted in Laxfield and Tivetshall sub stations.

Most supplies are restored within two hours, the rest by 8.30pm. Staff are working in snow showers.

Engineers will return to complete the fault tomorrow.

I arrive home at 9.45pm to have a late tea, and watch some telly before bed.


At 7.30am I speak to staff in our office in Bury St Edmunds about yesterday's fault in Harleston. I then make my way to Harleston to attend a cable fault. We fix it without the customers losing their electricity supply.

I arrive home at 5pm and after tea I change and head off to Ipswich with Trina to a friend's 50th birthday party. We have a great time meeting up with old friends. The party finishes at midnight and one of the friends gives us a lift back to Needham where we nip into the Limes to meet up with some friends for another drink. We get home at 1.30am.


Get up at 8.30am and clean my car. Trina is busy decorating the spare room ready for babysitting duties for the new grandson. A friend calls round at 10.00am to fit some new windows.

After lunch I head off to watch Ipswich Town play Burnley at home. After a hectic Friday night we stay and watch some telly.

I get a phone call to tell me my twin sister has been admitted to hospital with a suspected blood clot. I watch match of the day and then head off to bed.


I visit my sister in hospital, buying some flowers on the way. When we arrive we find out that she is better and just has a chest infection and will be allowed home shortly.

During the afternoon, friends call round to discuss our holiday to Lanzarote which we are all going on at the end of March.

Ashley also calls round to watch the footie on Sky and has some lunch and a few of my beers. While we watch the telly Trina continues with the decorating (thank goodness she enjoys doing it!).

I watch telly during the evening, and unwind before starting another hectic week.

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