My Week: Whitehouse Juniors

Today's My Week features Class 3LM from Whitehouse Junior School in Ipswich.Teacher Leigh Mycroft and student teacher Rachal Brett tell the diary of the week, with help from pupil Brandon.

Today's My Week features Class 3LM from Whitehouse Junior School in Ipswich.

Teacher Leigh Mycroft and student teacher Rachal Brett tell the diary of the week, with help from pupil Brandon.


We start off our week by telling all of our news about exciting things that happened over the weekend. We then begin our literacy lesson. We read and perform a poem in different ways using different voices. Tia, Charmaine, Aiden and Robbie's performance is voted the best because they echo every line Robbie says and it sounds a bit like a song!

In music we learn about how to compose a piece of music to play on the recorder. Miss Brett records our music so that we can hear ourselves. During assembly, we are really excited because our class won The Tidiest Classroom Award for last week. Unfortunately we didn't win the Attendance Award as well. That would really have made our day! Lunch time is rather chilly but Amber, Danny, Liam and Mollie don't mind because they warm themselves up by eating a yummy hot dinner - chicken, noodles and sweetcorn! At the end of the day we are given ten minutes Golden Time for our good behaviour last week. This is a time when we can draw, read or play a quiet game. What a great end to a great day!

Tuesday- by Brandon

Most Read

In Numeracy we all have to write down a learning intention. This tells us what we need to do by the end of the lesson. We are learning about fractions in Numeracy. The Kingfishers maths group work with Mrs Mycroft. Then all of us go out for play and it is 15 minutes long. We can buy healthy snacks like fruit, milk or cereal bars at playtime but most of us just play football. After that we go back into school and start our Science lesson. We have to write about an experiment we did with soil. We know what makes a test fair, there can only be one variable. After lunch we have Geography and then we go home.


We start the morning off with an hour of literacy. We have a lot of fun reading the poem, The Hairy Toe, in scary voices. Amber and Tim were the scariest.

We think Mrs Mycroft and Miss Brett secretly have very hairy toes! We spend some time finding onomatopoeia (Mollie can even read this word!).

Danny, Carman, Harry, Jordan, Casey and George go out to help Sir Kit on his Quest (You will have to ask them what this is!).

Afterwards we have P.E. We have relay races and play a game called Amoeba chase. We also have to practise our netball throws. Mrs Mycroft is on playground duty so she sends Tia to buy her a cracker and an apple juice. She must have misunderstood because she returns with ten cheese crackers! We know Mrs Mycroft loves cheese, but really! During singing assembly we are very lucky as we sing our favourite song-Give me oil in my lamp.

Callum goes to a School Council meeting during assembly time to decide what to do with the school council's budget. We would like more cushions for our book corner please! At lunchtime most of the boys play football with the year 4s.

Amber, Charmaine, Tia, Bethany, Casey and Carman play on the wobble board. Just before home time we have a little party because tomorrow is Miss Brett's last day. Thanks for all the games and munchies Miss Brett!


Mrs Mycroft is on a Science course today so Miss Brett and Mrs Dunham teach us. In literacy we read poems from different cultures and one of the poems was called Antonio just like Antonio in our class. He can't stop smiling because it is a humorous poem.

In numeracy we play some maths games like Bingo and Matching Pairs to help improve our maths skills, especially in fractions.

Neil Gregory, who used to play for ITFC, comes to our school today. We take part in “Speedmark”, a sponsored event to raise money for our school and Neil shows us what to do. Harry and Casey kick the football the fastest with speeds of 29mph and 26mph!


Today is non-uniform day. We are all wearing our normal clothes but to do this we had to bring in an Easter Egg or some chocolate for the Easter Social. We are really looking forward to it.

In literacy we continue with performance poetry. Callum, Antonio, Tia and Charmaine all get 10/10 for their performances as they use super body language, change their voices and speak loudly. Well done! Today's assembly is a Friday Book Card Assembly. Tia and Charmaine get Friday Book Cards for their performance of the poems this week. When they have collected five book cards they can get a free book! Aiden also receives a Good Behaviour Certificate and a pencil. This afternoon is Design Technology and we start to use our plans to make our Easter hats. Kieran's hat is very tall and Callum's is a bit like a sports hat. We use sugar paper, masking tape, staplers, two sided tape, measuring tapes and pairs of scissors to make the hats. Next week we are decorating them to make them more Easter-ish.

Just another thing to look forward to at Whitehouse Juniors!

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