Natasha boyfriend's heartbreak

NATASHA Coombs' former boyfriend today told how the pain he feels over the deaths of the popular teenager and her heartbroken mother is growing every day.

NATASHA Coombs' former boyfriend today told how the pain he feels over the deaths of the popular teenager and her heartbroken mother is growing every day.

Josh Brennan said he was haunted by life without his teenage sweetheart and the death of her mother Joanne on Tuesday, who seemingly committed suicide on the same stretch of track where Natasha's body was found last month.

In emotional messages left at the site of both deaths, the 18-year-old from Lawford said: “Jo, I can't believe you're gone.

“You were the best mother-in-law I could have ever hoped for.

“Please look after my dear Tash. I love her so much. All my love forever Josh. Xx.”

Mrs Coombs' body was found on the railway line near Manningtree station on Tuesday evening after a train driver reported a possible fault with the track.

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She had returned to the site where Natasha's body was found on August 10. The teenager went missing on July 27 after a night out in Ipswich with friends and the discovery of the former East Bergholt High School student's body followed appeals from Mrs Coombs, 40, and her 48-year-old husband Gary, who lived with their daughter in Fronks Road, Dovercourt.

Natasha had been upset about splitting with Mr Brennan but it is not known whether her death was the result of an accident after she walked along the track near Manningtree or whether she committed suicide.

In a message left for his former girlfriend at the site, Mr Brennan said: “Sweetie, I hate life without you. Everyday I miss you more, everyday I love you more.”

In another he said: “Life is so hard without you. My heart aches every minute for you and the dark depths of the night haunt me.

“I know we were supposed to get married in this world but as soon as we meet again I'll be holding the biggest ring I can find and I promise darling we will be together forever in another world.”

It also emerged today that Mrs Coombs penned a special poem for her daughter on what would have been her 18th birthday on September 8.

Mrs Coombs wrote the poem in a card left with flowers and a small golden trinket at Natasha's grave.

It reads: “I saw this beautiful angel, she seemed to call to me, I felt her warmth and caring deep inside you see.

“I took her home to cherish but I felt her telling me, that I should give her to someone I will love eternally.

“With little hesitation, I knew the person who, the gift was truly meant for as the one I love is you.”

The grave in a Dovercourt cemetery near the family home is still covered in a colourful blanket of flowers, photographs and cards.

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Dear Gary,

I lost my wife and son in one week a few years ago and we had a double funeral - it was devastating.

Now, a few years on, I have married again and have found peace and contentment.

My wife and I are thinking of you and pray that, one day, you will also find peace and contentment.

Regards, David Lee

Thelma Richards:

Just like to say how very sorry about the deaths of these two young people it is so very sad may they rest in peace together.


There are no words to explain how tragic all this has been. I just hope you and your mum have found peace and your dad can find the strength he needs. God bless.

This is so sad - I'm a mother of a daughter and the unbearable pain of ever losing her does not even bear thinking about - I am so sorry for all the pain that Joanne must have gone through - I hope Natasha and Joanne are both together in heaven looking after each other. My thoughts are with Gary who now must be in a bad place - Gary, I hope you take comfort from all the people that are thinking of you.

Ellie, Northamptonshire

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