'Net pervert wrecked my life'

A 14-YEAR-OLD girl today told how the depraved acts of an internet pervert have destroyed her self-esteem and left her fearful of men.Today chatroom predator Jamie Taylor is beginning a two year jail sentence for inciting the youngster to engage in sexual activity that he could watch via a webcam.

A 14-YEAR-OLD girl today told how the depraved acts of an internet pervert have destroyed her self-esteem and left her fearful of men.

Today chatroom predator Jamie Taylor is beginning a two year jail sentence for inciting the youngster to engage in sexual activity that he could watch via a webcam.

The girl's outraged mother has welcomed the sentence and warned parents to beware of the dangers of the internet.

She told how Taylor's deception had had lasting effects on her daughter. She said: “It made me sick when I found out who he was.

“To see my confident, beautiful, outgoing daughter become a clingy child again is devastating. I still am very angry.”

The girl was 13 when Taylor hid behind the anonymity of the internet and deceived her into thinking he was a teenager looking for friends.

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Instead he was a 26-year-old hoaxer in search of sexual gratification who was lurking in a chatroom popular with children.

Over the space of two hours he bombarded the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, with compliments and convinced her to engage in a sexual act.

While claiming that his own webcam was broken so that he could maintain the deception, he sent the girl graphic images of men.

As Taylor, of Newberry Road, Bildeston, stood in the dock at Ipswich Crown Court yesterday having pleaded guilty earlier this month, Judge Peter De Mille told him he deliberately groomed the girl and therefore would be jailed so the public could be protected.

But the girl's sentence began nearly a year ago, when Taylor, now 27, pretended to be a bricklayer's labourer from Ipswich.

She told The Evening Star: “At first we talked about school and just about normal stuff. He said he worked on building sites in Ipswich.

“He was really conniving.”

After turning the conversation to sexual matters, Taylor convinced the girl to take her clothes off in front of her webcam before persuading her to engage in the sex act while he watched.

In a statement read to Ipswich Crown Court, the girl, who is beginning counselling this week, said: “Before I was a very confident, happy-go-lucky teenager with boys and girls of my own age group. I am now withdrawn and quite shy.

“I do not feel confident attracting male attention. I do not like any physical contact with males who I do not know.

“I used to be carefree but now I worry about every little thing.”

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BETWEEN 2.19am and 4.30am on April 13 last year, Jamie Taylor sent a series of messages to his young victim's computer.

He repeatedly told her she was beautiful and even suggested they meet and gave her his mobile phone number.

But when his demands became more explicit the girl refused to carry out his instructions and later told her mother what he pressured her to do.

When Suffolk police tracked Taylor through the mobile phone number he gave the girl, they found proof the messages and images she received had come from his computer.

When they seized the computer on June 7 last year, they also found indecent photographs and a video of children being forced to engage in sex acts.

John Fenn, prosecuting, told Ipswich Crown Court yesterday that in total three indecent images were found on the computer.

For those Taylor faced three separate charges of making an indecent photograph. He pleaded guilty to all three earlier this month.

Referring to his contact with the girl, Sarah Lefevre, mitigating for Taylor, told Judge De Mille: “Mr Taylor is coming to appreciate the full impact of this offence. He is absolutely determined that such a thing should never happen again.”

But she added that in relation to the indecent images on his computer he said they had found their way on to his machine because he used a file-sharing system while searching for adult porn so had not deliberately downloaded them.

In jailing Taylor, Judge Peter De Mille said it was clear he had intended to visit the chatroom for his own sexual pleasure.

He said: “It is clear to me that that was a deliberately premeditated offence of seeking out a young girl first on a chatline, then persuading her to move over to a different chatline so no others could be engaged in it at the same time.

“You told the girl you were 17 when you were not.

“Over a substantial period of hours you first of all chatted to her to gain her confidence, then you proceeded to groom her for sexual activity.

“You deliberately preyed on that young girl and if you could you would have taken matters further.”

The court heard that Taylor, who lives with his mother, had not told his girlfriend of three years of his actions.

In addition to the two-year term for inciting the girl to engage in sexual activity, Taylor was sentenced to four months jail for two of the counts of making indecent images and given a further nine-month sentence for the remaining indecent image count.

Both those terms were made to run concurrent to the two-year sentence. Judge Peter De Mille said he would spend a year in jail.

Taylor was ordered to sign the sex offenders' register and banned from working with children indefinitely.

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