New Asda shocker!

THERE Asda be something strange happening at one Suffolk supermarket!First a tarantula crawls out of a bunch of grapes . . . then another shopper bites off more than he can chew when he gets to grips with a hot dog.

THERE Asda be something strange happening at one Suffolk supermarket!

First a tarantula crawls out of a bunch of grapes . . . then another shopper bites off more than he can chew when he gets to grips with a hot dog.

Kevin Johnson, 40, of Harleston, near Stowmarket, found part of a plastic pipe in a roll he was eating at a family barbecue.

And his shock came just a few days after a Chilean Tarantula was spotted by Kevin Hudson, of Elmswell, in a bag of grapes bought from the very same store.

Mr Johnson had bought a dozen finger rolls from Stowmarket's Asda store and was ready to tuck in.

He eagerly bit down on a hot dog and found, to his amazement, a piece of two inch plastic piping.

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Mr Johnson said: “I took a bite into the bun and it was fine but when I took a second bite I thought to myself, 'what was that!'”

It looked like part of the machinery used for baking because it still had dough inside in it.”

Mr Johnson was fortunate enough not to swallow the pipe but was quick to contact the store to let them know about the slip-up.

He said: “Asda told me to send it off in the post but I don't want to just be sent a voucher for another pack of finger rolls. It could have been my three or six-year-old who was eating it.”

Mr Johnson's wife Denise, 43, was almost as shocked as he was.

She said: “I was inside and I heard Kevin calling my name so I ran out and he asked me if I knew what it was. I wasn't sure but it had definitely been baked in the dough.

“I rang Asda's head office and they said they were sorry it had happened and advised me to take the rolls back to the store. You'd think they check these things before the package them.

“The children had just been eating hot dogs. I won't be going back to the store for a while and I've been doing all the shopping on the internet since.”

Asda said that the Johnsons would have to send the rolls to the company to establish where and when they were baked before compensation can be granted.

A spokesman said: “We appreciate the customers for getting in contact as we are as keen as they are to get to the bottom of this. Mr and Mrs Johnson have been asked to bring the bread roll and foreign body in to the store allowing a proper investigation to take place.”

Kevin Hudson's hair raising experience happened when he was washing a bunch of grapes his four-year-old son, Rhys. He caught the 2.5in creature in a plastic box and took it to his local vet. Apparently the spider had become quite sleepy after two days in the fridge.

A Leeds teenager found a 4cm nail in the rice compartment of his £1 Iceland chicken curry earlier this year.

American Football coach, Todd Haley of the Dallas Cowboys recently sued McDonald's for $1.7 million, claiming his wife and the family's baby sitter found a dead rat in a salad they took home for dinner.

A mum from Halifax recently found an earwig in her baby's bowl of Kellogg's Special K, after buying the cereal at Tesco.

A Morrisons customer found a European tree frog hiding in a bag of spinach, bought from the store in Bath.

In January, staff at another Morrisons in Scotland found a deadly scorpion in a bunch of bananas.

A passenger travelling on a private airline from Bangalore to New Delhi in 2004 found a dead baby lizard in the dinner packet served to him.

A man found part of a severed finger packed inside a pint of frozen custard he'd bought from a shop in Wilmington, North Carolina in 2005.

The offending article belonged to a worker injured in a food-processing machine accident there.

A Missouri woman found a cooked mouse in a can of green beans and received compensation of a coupon for $150.