New bench brings a Greener Ipswich to life

Tim Germain, David VIncent, Richard Bloomfield and Liz Harsant.

Tim Germain, David VIncent, Richard Bloomfield and Liz Harsant by the new bench at St Peter's Church. - Credit: charlotte Bond

The Greener Ipswich scheme which aims to improve the environment of the town centre and waterfront has taken a big step forward with the unveiling of a new feature bench outside St Peter's Church.

Previously known as the Oasis Project, Greener Ipswich has been awarded funds by the Towns Fund to create more attractive spaces and areas where people can relax in some of the most historic areas of the town.

The new new bench was created for Greener Ipswich by local sculptor Tim Germain and was installed yesterday opposite St Peter’s Church.

Over the next three weeks the team behind the project will be doing more in the area including installing a boat on the roundabout donated by Eden Rose Coppice and a rope by the Ipswich Maritime Trust.  

The planting behind the bench and on the roundabout is on a maritime wave theme and will progress to completion over the coming months.  

Organisers will also be working with the Novotel Hotel to explore options to plant up their green spaces facing the roundabout.

Brickmakers Wood is also supporting Greener Ipswich to reuse the tall wooden planters seen around town by resizing and replanting them and placing them along St Peter's Port.

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Former Ipswich council leader Liz Harsant is one of the driving forces behind Greener Ipswich and was delighted by the bench: "People said it's much better than anyone could imagine, it's a real feature for the area.

"We really want to get on now with the project and this is very good start.

"We hope that connecting the Waterfront with the town via waves of planting will encourage more people to walk between the two, and maybe also rest a while on the bench in front of St Peter’s and enjoy the view of Wolsey’s Church."

Tim Germain used oak salvaged from trees in Ipswich parks to make the seat - and its appearance will change over the years. 

From its current wooden colour it will eventually become more silver, giving a real heritage feel to the area which could become more popular as links to the town centre are improved.