New challenge for Suffolk drivers: guess what’s on the road sign!

Spot the road sign - it's hiding in there somewhere!

Spot the road sign - it's hiding in there somewhere!

It’s been a long, fertile summer – and nowhere has the successful growing season been so obvious as on the verges of Suffolk’s roads.

And on one of the busiest roads in and out of Ipswich most of the signs along a one-mile stretch of road have been almost totally obscured by trees and bushes.

If you don’t know that Swan Hill between Sproughton and Washbrook is steep, there’s a sign to tell you. But don’t expect to see it – only a tiny corner of the triangle pokes out from the side of a tree.

The name of the village you are entering is shortened to ashbrook and drivers heading up the hill could be forgiven for missing the sharp corner chevrons beside the road that have been lost in the vegetation.

Around the county the council’s highway contractor Kier is trying to ensure signs are kept clear – but a spokesman for the authority said it was important that motorist reported obscured signs.

After looking at our pictures from Swan Hill, he said: “These particular signs do appear to be on private land. We will be notifying the landowner to take action within the next 30 days.

“In such cases, responsibility does sit with the landowner to ensure hedges and vegetation are maintained so it does not encroach on the highway or cause significant obstruction.

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“We welcome reports from vigilant members of the public if they see sign obstructions such as this and ask that they contact the Highways team through the Council’s website at”

If nothing was done to clear the signs, the council’s contractors could step in to ensure the signs are cleared.