New company Future Female Society to raise aspirations of women and girls in Ipswich

Kim Trotter, director of Future Female Society.

Kim Trotter, director of Future Female Society. - Credit: Gregg Brown

Raising the aspirations of women and girls and filling them with the confidence to follow their dreams – that is purpose of a new community interest company that has been set-up in Ipswich.

Future Female Society (FFS) director Kim Trotter aims to run projects with women and schoolgirls across the town, helping them to develop their careers and personal lives.

She said: “I’m interested in taking people on a journey. No matter what age whether it’s girls at primary school or older women, it’s about putting people together, empowering them and getting them to feel like they can do something. It moves people forward and I really believe that.”

Ms Trotter’s first scheme as part of FFS is Women of Whitehouse (WOW), a free programme for women in the north-west of the town to learn skills in communication, presentation and project and event planning.

It is aimed at women who want to start a new venture in their area, such as a youth club, but need help to get it going.

“Sometimes we have ideas but we are not sure how to go about it, so WOW helps them gain confidence, skills and network them with people who can support them,” Ms Trotter added.

The workshops will start later this year and there are still spaces to join.

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FFS is supported by Ipswich Community Media, and Ms Trotter hopes to work with its team to get more girls into creative employment.

Ms Trotter was inspired to start FFS after running an initiative with young mums in Ipswich developing their next step into work and training.

For more information, contact or 01473 852552.